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Does my head look big in this is a novel by the muslim-australian author randa abdel-fattah the plot revolves around a sixteen-year-old muslim australian palestinian girl, amal, and her decision to wear the hijab, the traditional islamic headscarf, and the reactions of her friends and family. Study guide for does my head look big in this does my head look big in this study guide contains a biography of randa abdel-fattah, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. This video is to be used for educational purposes only video book trailer for does my head look big in this was created by ellie coen boote for a young adult literature class at unc-chapel hill. Amal has a lot of hyphens to deal with-- she's an australian palestinian muslim, and to make matters more difficult, she's considering wearing the hijab full time in her outside life at her elite prep school. Does my head look big in this seemed to be the perfect starting point set in melbourne, amal is a 16-year-old australian-muslim-palestinian teen with all the usual obsessions.

Nzgirl review: does my head look big in this is a universal tale of high school angst with teeth author randa abdel-fattah writes with razor sharp wit and totally understands what it is like to be a teenage girl buy the book from amazon muslimvillage discusses the book,. Does my head look big in this drama by jeff gottesfeld and elizabeth wong based on the book by randa abdel-fattah dramatic publishing company woodstock, illinois australia new zealand south africa. My heart goes out to you i was not genetically lucky in the upper body, either honestly, though, from the picture you provide, your head doesn't look disproportionately big.

Other than the equipment being different, my head was pushed outwards to achieve the thinner, wild-eyed look, while the fat picture is just a pretty honest representation of me being fat the half. Does my head look big in this by: randa abdel-fattah about the author randa abdel-fattah was born in sydney, australia in 1979 she is currently 35 years old randa is a muslim who also has palestinian and egyptian heritage she grew up in melbourne and attended a catholic primary school she studied art and law at melbourne university. Try wearing a veil on your head and practising the bum's up position at lunchtime and you know you're in for a tough time at school luckily my friends support me, although they've got a few troubles of their own. Book: abdel-fattah, randa does my head look big in this new york: scholastic 2005 isbn# 978-0-439-91947-0 summary: amal is a sixteen-year-old australian-palestinian-muslim girl who lives with her parents in australia she has decided to express her religious convictions and wear the hijab to school this causes concern on the part of her parents and her. In does my head look big in this, randa abdel-fattah, an australian-born muslim writer, has produced a poignant novel about faith and culture clashes voiced with cheeky humor by rebecca macauley, abdel-fattah’s novel deals with what happens when 16-year-old amal decides to wear a head scarf full time.

Amal must face several incidences of racial and religious prejudice and ignorance several mothers and girls worry about their weight and go on diets and one considers bulimia. Narrator rebecca macauley biography: rebecca macauley is a talented and award-winning children’s narrator she has appeared in a variety of television programs, including the internationally popular series neighbours and the australian drama blue heelers. Characters for does my head look big in this study guide by kmra includes 15 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades.

Does my head look big in this is a much-needed novel, given the heated controversy over facial/head coverings and what this might imply abdel-fattah, through her main character amal, tackles this very issue with depth and adroitness. Individual and head look big the beginning of discovering identity leads to the process of one’s journey refer to the novel “does my head look big in this” by randa abdel fattah, highlights a personal journey throughout the main character, amal randa fattah explores the relationship between, identity, perspectives and journey in the theme of individuals should not be judged by. Welcome to my world i'm amal abdel-hakim, a seventeen year-old australian-palestinian-muslim still trying to come to grips with my various identity hyphens it's hard enough being cool as a teenager when being one issue behind the latest cosmo is enough to disqualify you from the in-group.

If you’re looking for muslim teenagers in young adult fiction, you’ll be hard-pressed to find many good examples there are plenty of orientalist novels about exotic muslim girls in distant lands. “life isn’t like the movies people don’t change overnight people don’t go from arrogant and self-righteous to ashamed and remorseful they don’t suddenly give in when they’ve spent years taking out. I have a big head by that i don’t mean that i’m arrogant i mean that my head–my physical head–is on the larger side of the spectrum this isn’t a problem that oppresses me or makes my life totally miserable. Welcome to the does my head look big in this pagebelow you will find links to the various reading activities associated with this book remember you need to complete a total of five reading activities and at least one pre-reading, one during reading, and one post-reading activity.

Does my head look big in this comes pretty close but falls somewhat short the novel focuses on amal, a high school junior living in australia at the start of the final term of the school year, amal decides to begin wearing the hijab full-time as an expression of her islamic faith. With an engaging narrator at the helm, abdel-fattah's debut novel should open the eyes of many a reader headstrong and witty, 16-year-old amal, an australian-muslim-palestinian (“that m. Does my head look big in this author: randa abdel-fattah prezi by: savannah long summary religion amal's religion is muslim muslims believe that prophets are human and not divine, though some are able to perform miracles to prove their claim. Does my head look big in this is a young adult contemporary novel written by randa abdel-fattah it was published on august 1, 2005, by pan macmillan australia it was published on august 1, 2005, by pan macmillan australia.

does my head looks big in The novel, does my head look big in this, is sending the readers an important message upon this subject and that is up to the youth generation to attempt to change these views of society to help the future generations lead a better and happier life so that they never have to feel like an outcast or unwanted.
Does my head looks big in
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